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Build Your Own Semi-Auto Handgun

Build Your Own Semi-Auto Handgun illustrates how to make your own GLOCK-style pistol based on a Polymer 80 frame kit. This is an 80-percent receiver frame, meaning it can be purchased without completing a BATFE Form 4473 or a background check.

AK-AKM Rifle Builder's Manual

This is the first book ever written to present the complete AK/AKM build process utilizing correct gunsmithing and machining best practices. The AK-AKM Rifle Builder's Manual is available now in print and eBook formats through Amazon.

Build Your Own AK-AKM Tooling Kit

Detailed blueprints for each component of the X-Ring Precision AK Tooling system are now available through the book Build Your Own AK/AKM Tooling Kit.

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